Hooch as an Outcross


When recently discussing Hooch with a respected friend and colleague in the breed, it was mentioned and discussed why Hooch would make such a great outcross for any performance line... we felt the information interesting enough to share with our fellow bulldog enthusiasts with hopes of being able to truly test Hooch's genetic worth as a producer of working performance type American Bulldogs.

Hooch is very tightly bred on Doc's Pete/ Man of War blood with a healthy outcross on the top side of Williamson blood through some Osgood dogs (see his pedigree on our "pedigree" page). Hooch carries the typical color that comes from the Man of War dogs, but more importantly carries the best of type and temperament that those lines have to offer. While controversially there has been the theory of heavily game tested APBT's behind Man of War, Hooch carries a definite bulldog phenotype, with good bone, broad muzzle, pronounced stop, and excellent topline.
Hooch is truly a working dog. He took very quickly and naturally to catchwork, with a hard mouth and good wind. But, he also was able to excel in man work. He has competed and placed in many protection tournaments and Iron Dog competitions. He has the perfect on/off switch, and has proved to be an extremely stable and trustworthy dog time and time again. He has always been an extremely healthy dog with typical bulldog high pain tolerance and thick, thick skin. He carries, naturally, an amazing amount of muscle. His rear end is very impressive Many people ask us what his conditioning regimen is, only to be shocked when we say NOTHING. This dog looks great straight off the couch....lol His pigment is obviously excellent and in his only litter thus far he contributed well in that area. He is a very intelligent dog and one that is easy to live with. Contact us if you are interested in finding a healthy outcross for your performance bred dog, as we are anxious to get a better idea of how he will produce and what he will contribute. He certainly brings a lot to the table, but the proof is in the pudding, and we hope to get the opportunity to see more of his offspring.