Ch. Valor's Chattahoochee




12 weeks

5 years


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Hooch has been such a joy to own and handle. As our first bulldog, his stable temperament, solid nerve, drive, and good looks are what solidified our involvement in the breed. We had no idea, at the time that we bought him, what to do with a puppy full of such drive and tenacity. So, we did what most pet owners do and put obedience on him as a very young pup and decided much later in his life that we wanted to make a working dog out of him. We thought it might be too late to bring out the drive we had stomped on for the first year and a half of his life, but it was then that we learned about his character. He soon showed us that he had the skills and desire to do what bulldogs have been bred to do for years; catchwork! He surprised us when at first sight he caught with ease, showing true bulldog determination and grit. He acheived both his WBI and WBII with great ease and earned the praise of those present. With little training he also learned to love sportwork, and we found him picking up excercises extremely quickly. At a French Ring Seminar, Scott Ciraulo of the NW Suitmen told Parker that he and Hooch had the potential to go far in the sport. His focus on the decoy was vigilent and his grip full. Hooch went on to obtain his catch titles and even hunted in the woods, he also obtained his GDT and competed in the Iron Dog Triathalon, ranking in the top 3 of the competition each time. He has competed in numerous protection tournaments and obtained his WPPT title (working personal protection title). He also has proven his stability by passing both the CGC and TT temperament tests. Due to time constraints, Parker has had to retire Hooch from the sportwork world, as it takes a considerable amount of time and dedication to compete for high level titles. However, Parker has many hunts planned for he and Hooch, as catchwork is Hooch's first love! He continues to impress us on a daily basis and continually reminds us that there is no other breed on the planet for us!
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Hooch w/ Tammie at 8 weeks (over 5 short years ago)
Hooch at 12 weeks
Mischevious Hooch w/ his favorite tennis ball at 12 weeks

*** Stoic Hooch: One of our favorite puppy pictures!**** Hooch is always thinking, his gears are always cranking... and he showed this early on as a puppy.

Flash forward... 3 years old!
Hooch carries such nice muscle tone with little excercise.
Parker and Hooch take 3rd in the 2004 NKC National Protection Tournament
Hooch takes Best Standard Male in Show
In the conformation ring
Hooch takes Best in Show and Best in Breed!!!
Hooch wins the NKC National Iron Dog Competition 2004
pproud Mom and Dad
Parker and Hooch heeling in a 2003 Protection Tournament
Decoy: Chris Thompson/ Abbeville, GA Show
Decoy: Keith O'Sullivan/ NKC Nationals 2004
Decoy: Yohanny Gamez/ Richburg, SC Show


An Amazing picture we captured of Hooch on a long send... awesome targeting, can't get any fuller of a grip, and I LOVE the eye contact!
A nice, focused, and intense bark and hold