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This is Sooki's web page... she is our Shiba Inu.
Sooki is like no other dog we have ever owned.  She is as tenacious as any bulldog and wrotten as any spoiled child and all that wrapped up in a little 16 pound package!


Sooki is a great specimen of her breed, although she is a little small.  Shibas were originally bred as a small game hunter and watchdog in the mountains of Japan.  Shibas are extremely sturdy, intelligent, and independent.  They do not co-exist well with other dogs and require early socialization.  Sooki did very well with our first American Bulldog, her buddy Hooch.  However, when we introduced her to the other bulldog puppies we became painfully aware that Sooki is happiest in a home where she is the center of attention.  She is an extremely fast learner and house broke in a week.  She is very alert and will warn you of any strangers on the property.  She has a lot of small game drive and lives to chase squirrels, birds, and even cats.  She is always entertaining!

Spoiled Girl
Sooki's Rain Coat

Where is Sooki?

Sooki is still our little sweetheart, but lives with her Grandma Sandy now.  Mom and Sooki are quite a pair and I know that Sooki loves being spoiled by her!  We still have visitation rights, though!



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