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American Bulldogs have been a treasured breed of dog among hog hunters world wide. As long as feral hogs wreak havoc and destruction on our ecosystem, hunting them will remain the most effective way of managing them.

Hunting with the aid of dogs has proven highly effective and has proven to be an enjoyable pastime for both hunter and dog. Those who do not understand the danger that the feral hog poses to man and wildlife, would make illegal the use of priceless catchdogs in the aiding of hog hunting.

Activist Groups will not stop with Hog hunting alone. Their ultimate goal is to eradicate all hunting in general. As politically motivated groups, such as the HSUS and PETA, protest loudly they are unfortunately being heard as they spew their false pretenses and hide their agenda.

It is time for us to speak up and fight for our constitutional rights, as well as educate people on the importance of hunting as it relates to wildlife management, and the important role that skilled working dogs play in that.