History of the American Bulldog...

It is believed that the bulldog's origin stems from England and Europe. These dogs were developed for the purpose of bull-baiting. This practice began as a necessity of farmers and butchers, who needed to keep angry bulls under control. However, bull-baiting quickly developed into a spectator sport and was eventually outlawed by English parliament.

They are a Molosser breed with ancestors dating back to the Tibetan Mastiff. Farmers would cross Mastiffs and bulldog types to create their "Gladiator dogs". These "Gladiator dogs" were considered the prize fighters of their times. Dogs that stem from this line are the American Pitbull Terrier, the Staffordshire Terrier, the Bull Terrier, and American Bulldogs to name a few.

The ancestors of the American Bulldogs were brought to the Americas by settlers in the late 1700s. They were used as farm utility dogs to protect the family farm, control livestock, and to hunt wild boar. These dogs are different from the English Bulldog that we know today. Opposed to the English bulldog, they are a functional working breed that do not carry the miriad of health problems.

The American Bulldog we know today is considered the "original" bulldog, from which the English bred in the sour mug trait to create the English. Bulldog. The "original bulldog" survived in the southern region of the United States as the premier working breed. This priceless breed was almost extinct until breed preservationists such as Alan Scott, Darrin Jones, and John D. Johnson made it their goal to preserve and promote this wonderful breed.

"Sandman the Great"

Types of American Bulldogs

There are two primary types of American Bulldogs, the performance and the Johnson types. The "Johnson" type is characterized by a shorter muzzle, larger head and body, and more undershot bite. Males range from 100 - 135 lbs. and stand upwards of 27" at the shoulder. The "Performance" type or "Standard" American Bulldog is characterized by a leaner build, scissor or small undershot bite, and longer muzzle. Males range from 85 - 110 lbs. and stand between 23 - 26" in height.

There are always exceptions to the rule and that is why we do not claim that all Johnson or Standard type bulldogs fit their mold perfectly. Alot of breeders are introducing "bully" lines to their "standard" bulldogs to create bigger heads and greater size, while keeping the agility and endurance of their dogs. Some "bully" breeders are also producing smaller and more athletic Johnson bulldogs. We at Valor American Bulldogs have chosen to work with Performance bred American Bulldogs. We have found that the phenotype of these lines are more well-suited for the tasks we expect of our dogs. Our primary means of testing our dogs are Schutzhund (a German Protection Sport) and Catch work (to preserve the original purpose of the breed). Both these tasks require a dog to have solid nerve, intelligence, good working structure, and endurance. Our personal belief is that you will not find a more versatile American Bulldog than a Standard type/ Performance bred.

"JDJ's Incredible Hulk"