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PUPPIES ARE HERE!!!!!! - for information on our current litter from ECKO X ISSA visit our BREEDINGS PAGE

photo above courtesy of HNM photography

We are passionate about the working American Bulldog and feel that you cannot find a better or more versatile working companion. We strive to test for and preserve the American Bulldog's working heritage. This type of dog has been called upon for centuries to perform any task set before it. The performance type American Bulldog is bred to endure rigorous environmental stressors and to be a discretionary protector with minimal training. When bred properly, these dogs are incredibley stable, sound, intelligent,and highly driven and could be considered the sport utility of the working dog world.

We encourage you to browse through our website to learn more about the American Bulldog in general, as well as the specific dogs that we have found to embody the qualities and characteristics that a working American Bulldog should.