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Proud to Announce....

Deuce x Chucky Breeding

Expected to take place April 2008

taking deposits now

The Tie: Chucky (left) Deuce (right) show off their matching tail spots

A lot of research, planning, and effort went into this breeding, as Deuce is such a special dog to me (Tammie). It took me quite a while to decide when the right time was for this breeding, as titling Deuce in Schutzhund was my 1st priority. We obtained our Schutzhund I this March, so with her heat scheduled to come just after that it was perfect timing to do the breeding. We are very excited about the way these two dogs compliment each other. They are strong dogs with strong drives and strong pedigrees.

We are very excited about the Drive, Temperament, and Structure that this breeding should produce and hope that these puppies will be strong prospects and are looking for serious working homes.

DRIVE... Both Deuce and Chucky have excellent drives for sportwork. Deuce (CH. Valor's Double Take of KiWS Sch I, WBI, BST) has full calm grips, balanced drives, and a very clear head. Deuce and I have been to many seminars and worked on many helpers all with excellent feedback on the quality of Deuce and her work. Chucky has been described as having "Malinois-like drive", intense, full grips, and the ability to take a lot of pressure very well. Chucky comes by this honestly as he is the ONLY offspring of Banuelo's Nikola CH Sch III, IPO III, v-rated protection, overall V-rating at the 1997 DVG National Championships bred to Riche's Fire when Ready of Rockhaus aka Brindle Ch Sch I, Sch II, BST, CDI, ID3 (ranked). 5 Schutzhund titled bulldogs in the first 3 generations is not too shabby (see the pedigree below)! This breeding will be one of only 2-3 breedings that Chucky will do in his lifetime, we are so greatful for this opportunity and are excited to see what this will produce.

i love this picture of Deuce above... you an see the incredible muscle, the eye contact under pressure, the fight, and the signature paw in the crotch move!

TEMPERAMENT... Both Deuce and Chucky have incredibley stable temperaments with great on-off switches. They both work with very clear heads and are great dogs to work on the field and live with at home.

STRUCTURE... When looking for a match structurally for Deuce we wanted to maintain her good bone, natural muscle, and square head and muzzle. Chucky fits the bill for sure. He is a very proportional dog, very square in his lines with an excellent tail and ear set, AMAZING dentition, and nice square head with heavy muzzle and a nice wide chest. We feel these two could not compliment each other more in their structure!


*****If interested in this breeding please contact Parker or Tammie Barnett at

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