Updated October 30, 2005.... scroll down to see new photos!

Jr. Ch. Valor's Total Knock Out

aka Siren

owned and handled by: Allen McClain and Lindsey Gunter


Siren as a tiny 3 day old puppy
10 months old


Siren is the only result of our first breeding. It was unplanned, so Siren became a very pleasant surprise. Siren follows in the footstep of her father, Hooch, with insane prey drive and a great love for catchwork. She was tested very early on and showed maturity and determination beyond her age. She has been used regularly as a catchdog at a local farm when it is time for vaccinations, and even kept a feral hog from entering a neighboring cattle farm, where it might have wreaked havoc. Her drive is exceptional and you can just ask her Dad (Allen), she will catch anything, including his dirtbike! She also showed a lot of promise for sportwork with early tug work. Before going to her new home, Parker was always impressed with how quickly she picked up obedience excercises and retained them. Maybe we can convince Mom and Dad to do a BST? lol

Her conformation is just about perfect and she acheived her Jr. Championship by winning several individual classes, as well as taking Best Female Puppy in Show, and the final win being Best Puppy in Show at the 2004 Summer Sizzler!It has been so fun watching this little firecracker mature and we are so thankful to have her in such great hands! Allen and Lindsey are truly the perfect home for her. It is wonderful to watch the bond that she has with them. We are continuing to show her, now as an adult, in hopes of completing her Championship this year. We also hope to have her accompany her father on a hunt or two in the near future.


Siren w/ mom Kona at 1 day old
3 days old
3 weeks old
4 weeks old
w/ Olivia Gamez
Deuce checking out the new arrival
pacifier at 12 weeks
like Mother - like Daughter: Kona and Siren
stoic like her Father, Hooch
what are you looking at?
a blue ribbon at her first show, Abbeville GA
being shown by "aunt Joye"
same place the next day
Best Puppy of Show!
Obtaining her Jr. Championship
6 months old and too cute!
7 months
9 months
that tongue means... I'm looking for trouble
on the move... what super structure at 9 months!
10 months old and msucled up
chiling in the yard
showing as an adult for the first time
perfect stack
a night training session at the Schutzhund club
keeping her eye and ears on the prey
decoy: Tracy Betenbaugh
getting a good grip
got it!
a little pressure... notice the sky high tail!
nice black and white shots at 9 months
taking off
nice muscle tone even at 7 months
20 months old w/ her favorite toy... a bowl!
reminding us so much of Hooch with that expression...
Hooch at 2 yrs with that same expression
crazy girl attacking the weed wacker!
Siren is now an avid camper... here she is keeping Allen warm in the same sleeping bag.
Siren with "Mom" Lindsay on an off-roading trip to Tellico
Siren chillin' with the guys at Tellico
Siren doesn't just watch the action, she loves to ride in Allen's truck when he is rock crawling... she wedges herself between his seat and the back to keep from falling out and LOVES it!
The truck ended up in a roll-over accident with Allen, Lindsay, and Siren in tow. She somehow managed to keep herself in the upside down truck until they could get her out. Moments later she was ready for another go round.... Siren is fearless!
Ready for some action at almost 2 yrs old
Siren and Hooch ready to catch some hogs in the woods
Father and daughter working together
One down... she's ready for more!
Siren and her housemate "Popeye" the Rottweiler
such a happy girl!