Looking for a GOOD home for this beautiful big girl

Osgood's Sara Belle

-For Sale/ Adoption-

Universal Kennels

Baby Sara at 8 weeks
Sara at 3 years


Sara Belle is a wonderfully bred bitch given to us by Jack Osgood of Universal Kennels. Jack's breeding program is one of the most genetically prepotent in the breed. He has been involved with the breed for many years and the quality of his genetics and the great care put into the testing and breeding of his dogs is evident in the quality of their character and structure. The Osgood American Bulldogs are pure performance dogs with great health, structure, and drives. We had the great pleasure of owning one of Sara Belle's offspring and a 100% Osgood bred dog, we called her "Osgood's Screaming Ninja" aka "Hiya". She was a tribute to the type of producer that her mother is. This puppy came into our lives and absolutely wowed us with her amazing temperament. She was fearless, tenacious, full of drive, incredibley intelligent, beautifully structured, she was amazing! She never slowed down and never gave up, even though she was battling aspiration pneumonia from 5 weeks of age. She gave us hope with her amazing spirit that she would be able to fight off the infection, and never really showed us how sick she really was. We treated her pneumonia with all the resources we had, since we saw the great promise that she had. We lost Hiya just before she turned 7 months of age. We will never forget the phenominal puppy that she was, and in living with her mother these past several months, we see where a lot of that character came from. Jack was gracious enough to allow us the opportunity to take Sara Belle into our home, evaluate her, and then breed her should we choose. After living with her... we have grown to love her and are very excited to see what she might produce in the current breeding we have done. Her structure is phenominal, with amazing bone for a female. Her temperament is incredibley stable and solid. We look forward to see what she will produce in this litter and hope that maybe, just maybe a little bit of Hiya will be seen!

Hiya 6 weeks
8 weeks
11 weeks
11 weeks
5 months
Hiya 6 months
6 months
Christmas 2004





10 weeks
8 months
8 months
2 years
2 years
2 and a half years
2 and a half years
look at that gorilla nose!
kissing little Riley... she is our nanny dog
Big grins from Haley and Sara Belle
what do you want?
Beautiful girl at just over 3 years
just over 3 years
Sara Belle being super gentle with our nephew Ty
3 and a half years
what a beautiful girl... super structure and bone
very athletic for such a big boned girl
Sara Belle at sunset
nice chest