HOD 2006


Bulldoggers in front of the almost wind-proof SWK wall at the HOD 2006

North meets South... Nothin' but LOVE for ya!

wait..... where the hell is Bruce????

             Ahhh.... there he is... the Fajita grill master Bruce

Agressive Beach Ball blowing
Coal showing his sense of humor
Joye's "old man" going in for the bite on Josh
Mike and Josh working with a furry
Two AWESOME Mikie sons!
What a view..... the lake that is
Keith and Mike working Vegas
Vegas giving Mike a new scar
The SWK wall of shame
Did I read that right???????
A post-BST toast to GIRL power
Shitzhund Bulldogger of the year posing for his cover shot
Joye's "old man" Magnus,   aka Mr McGoogle, aka Mag-a-noos, aka Fella
Magnus giving Mike a little one-two to the *****

Joye threatening Tammie w/ a little lakeside plunge...

Recon and Deuce ready for some agressive swimming

Tammie and "Douche"

Keith and Josh and Jim w/ Apache and his protection tournament trophy-- how can you not LOVE this dog!?

Mike deciding to pop in

One thing is for sure.... that is some agressive posing... and THAT's HOT!!!!!