Valor's Grey Ball of Fire



Grys is our keeper from our Deuce x Chucky breeding and is everything we hoped to produce from that combination! He is full of drive and character, his structure is super, and Parker truly feels the long wait for his competition dog has been worth it... Grys is a chip off both blocks in all the right ways and we are so excited to see this boy grow and mature in the work!

Grys who won Best Puppy in Show at the June SABC Show
Good square lines and good angulation

Handsome boy
Working at just under 2 years
Bark n' Hold
Holding his sleeve calmly while Parker untangles him
On the Long Attack.... my camera was too slow to catch the actual bite!

With his Mom (Deuce 7 years - Grys 2 years)

frolicking with the gang.... Deuce, Grys and Ecko




2 days

2 days

1 week

3 weeks - asleep

4 weeks


4 weeks on the prowl

HUGE ears at 12

going through that awkward teenage stage at 7 months