Ch. Valor's Double Take of KiWS


aka Deuce

*** UPDATE***


Deuce obtained her Schutzhund II on the weekend of March 7-8, 2009 w/ 93 in Tracking, 86 in Obedience, and 87 Pronounced in Protection, taking High Schutzhund II!

Deuce obtained her Schutzhund I on the weekend of March 8-9, 2008 w/ 96 in Tracking, 82 in Obedience, and 97 Pronounced in Protection, taking High Tracking, High Obedience, High Protection, and High in Trial!


4 months
2 years and 7 months


Deuce has proven to be just what I want in a working American Bulldog. She showed great signs of potential very early on and thanks to Tracey and Che of Knights in White Satin American Bulldogs, she came to reside here as my (Tammie's) working companion. At 8 weeks she had an awesome retrieval and a natural bark. At 12 weeks, she won the driviest puppy contest at the NKC Nationals and already had a nice, calm, full mouth grip. At 4 months old, she took naturally to the puppy sleeve and showed no signs of noise or object sensitivity when introduced to a clatter stick, stick hits, and the sound of a shot gun. At 8 months she learned to do a beautiful bark and hold, although we decided to slow things down a bit and really focus on building a solid foundation, Thank heavens! At just 11 months of age, she was tested as all bulldogs should be, on beast. She obtained her WBI title at the home of the ICA and showed us that she is not only a good German Shepherd (lol), but ALL BULLDOG...(-:

Deuce works well for food, ball, or praise-- she has balanced drives, excellent work ethic and motivation. This girl has drive to spare, with the exception of self-preservation She has an amazing desire to work and we are committed to not rushing this process, but doing it right every step of the way.

We started Deuce's foundation with our friend Yohanny Gamez and continued her foundation work with our friends at Chattahoochee Schutzhund Club (Dennis VanderLinde and Tracy Betenbaugh). We have gone on to train a little closer to home with our newly formed schutzhund club, Coal Mountain Schutzhund Association, and we have Dennis (our training director, affectionately called "Coach") to thank for giving us the tough love we need, as we work towards our goal of Schutzhund III and hopefully competing in the sport.

While training in the sport of Schutzhund, we have had the opportunity to work with many great people and have Deuce and I evaluated by some very respected people in the sport. We have received many compliments and encouragements in our journey, I was even told by one helper at a seminar that Deuce was the "best biting bulldog he had ever had on his arm". I could not have been more thrilled!

While, we are focusing on a good foundation and are not rushing the titling process... we passed the BH and obtained our BST in April 2006 and most recently obtained our Schutzhund I (March 2008) with scores we were very pleased with 96/82/97a! We obtained our Schutzhund II (March 2009) with scores 93/86/87a. We are excited for what lies ahead as we continue pursuing our goal of Schutzhund III.



Deuce at 2 days old
Deuce at 3 weeks old
5 weeks
8 weeks w/ Topline's Double Trouble
first day home at 8 weeks
Her new pink ball
12 weeks/ winner of the NKC National's Driviest Puppy Contest
4 months
6 months
8 months/ bark and hold/ decoy: Yohanny Gamez
9 months
11 months
16 months w/ her favorite ball on a string
16 months running
1 meter jump
up and over
20 months
w/ brother Icon SchH II
springs in her feet in air
.... and into water
Christmas 2004
Christmas 2004
Tammie and Deuce at 9 months
Tammie and Deuce at 15 months
Her first class win at 6 months old
Another class win at 18 months
looking good at 2 1/2 years
turning into a gorgeous girl...
Deuce and her cousin/ nephew Recon finish their Championships on the same day! Deuce and Recon competed against each other as Best Female and Best Male for Best in Show. A Big congrats to Joye's Bulldog Recon for taking Best in Show... we couldn't have lost to better competition!
chilling in the crate with their ribbons
October 20, 2005; Deuce is now 2 yrs and 9 months old
A picture with "Mom" Tammie a week later
Running Full Throttle after her ball
Laying Down to enjoy her reward